Grade:-Chief Mate (FG) Orals

Function:- Cargo Handling and Stowage

Level:- Management             


  1. General


1)      Knowledge of Cargo related technologically/load/destiny/stowage factor/angle of repose and various plans used for cargo loading.

1-a) Knowledge and applications of International Regulations Codes concerning safe       

       handling, stowage, securing and  transport of Cargoes, Examples:- Bulk    

       code, Grain code, Lashing Code, IMDG Code, Timber Code, ISGOT, etc.

2)      Knowledge and application of the effect on Trim & Stability of Cargos and its operations

3)      Use of stability and Trim diagram and stress calculating equipment including Automatic Data based equipment, hull, stress calculation within acceptable limits.


  1. Dry Cargo Stowage


4)      Stowage and Securing/Trimming of various types of cargoes on various ships i.e. General Cargo (Steel plates, pulp, bagged cargo)/ Bulk(Urea, MOP, Coal, Sulphur, Iron Ore, Concentrates/Container/Various types of Container including Refrigerated type, Passengers (Duties relating to Passenger/Cargo) , Timber ( Wood Pulp, Saw n Timber, Lumber) RO-RO (Various types Light /Heavy vehicles and knowledge of Livestock/Pure Car Carrier, Refrigerated cargo ship )

5)      Definition of Heavy Lifts Loading/Stowage & Securing of Heavy Lifts on a General Cargo/Multi Container/Bulk Carrier.


  1. Specialized Cargo Stowage


6)      Knowledge of Oil/Chemical/LPG/Tanker Operations relating to Ship Operation, care of personnel and stowage Tanker (Various types o heavy and Light Oil) Chemical (Various types of Chemical as per chemical code ), LPG (Various types of gases as per gas code)

7)      Carriage of IMDG/ Dangerous, Hazardous and harmful cargos


  1. Transit Care


8)      Precautions during loading and unloading and care during voyage of said cargoes.


  1. Documents


9)      Knowledge and application of various cargo related documents such as stowage plan, shipping list, boat note, Mate’s receipt, B/L, shipping documents DG Manifest.

10)  Documents with regard to cargo claim, disputes, damage etc, note of protest and knowledge of   collection  of evidence.


  1. Crisis


11)  Contingencies plan/remedial action during loading/unloading of cargoes. Example:- Cargo gear Breakdown/Power failures/Oil Spillage, Bilge Leakages into hold with cargo, concentrates becoming liquids.