The International Code on Intact Stability 2008,2009 Edition

The International Code on Intact Stability, 2008 (2008 IS Code), presents mandatory and recommendatory stability criteria and other measures for ensuring the safe operation of ships, to minimize the risk to such ships, to the personnel on board and to the environment. The 2008 IS Code (resolution MSC.267(85), adopted on 4 December 2008) will take effect on 1st July 2010 upon the entry into force of the respective amendments to the 1974 SOLAS Convention and 1988 Load Lines Protocol.


The 2008 IS Code features:


A full update of the previous IS Code (2002 edition; resolution

A.749(18), as amended by MSC.75(69))

Criteria based on the best state-of-the-art concepts available at the

time they were developed, taking into account sound design and

engineering principles and experience gained from operating ships

Influences on intact stability such as the dead ship condition, wind on

ships with large windage area, rolling characteristics and severe seas.

This publication also presents Explanatory Notes to the 2008 IS Code, which are intended to provide Administrations and the shipping industry with specific guidance to assist in the uniform interpretation and application of the intact stability requirements of the 2008 IS Code.


The 2008 IS Code, 2009 Edition should be of interest to maritime

administrations, ship manufacturers, shipping companies (owners and

operators), education institutes and others concerned with stability criteria.